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Address: 522 Ong Ich Khiem St., Danang City, Viet Nam

Tel: 84 511 3821378; Fax: 84 511 3835034

Website: dafo.danang.gov.vn; Email: dafo@danang.gov.vn


 Danang, March, 2012

The Danang City  of Viet Nam is one of  five urban cities all the country; the city belongs to tourism, historical monument and famous landscape. Especially, Danang’s beach has been selected one of six most beautiful beach of the planet by Forbes magazine (America). Every year, Danang attracts millions of turns of international tourists who come from many countries for visiting.

The Danang Peace Committee operates in the fields of peace, solidarity, friendship and people-to-people cooperation; works as a focal organ in calling for foreign NGO aids aiming at contributing to the socio-economic development and humanitarian relief of Danang City. We also work to enhance mutual understanding between Danang People and international friends. So that we expect that our two organizations may meet something in common for cooperation to implement some project together

Every year, we welcome a lot of friends who are international volunteers to do social work in Danang. The exchange activity will help you have opportunities to visit famous landscapes of the city; take part in social activities such as sharing difficulties with poor, disabled and orphaned children, helping development of poor people and community; exchange culture, language with the Vietnamese people; experience interesting life in Danang which is nice and hospitable city from peaceful country of Viet Nam.

Coming to Danang, you will be welcomed as a close friend. Need only to have a volunteer letter, we will do your visa as soon as possible; support you to find a good accommodation as well as means of transport. You will have schedule of enjoyable sightseeing and doing social work in accordance with your ability and expectation.

We are really happy to see all of you in Danang city. Please access information about Program of international volunteers on our website: dafo.danang.gov.vn or contact with us by following email addres dafo@danang.gov.vn.

Yours sincerely,        

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