Medical equipment support to enhance the capacity of emergency health care and medical treatment for medical clinics of mountainous communes of Hoa Vang district –Danang city

Ngày đăng: 28/11/2014


1.Project’s title: Medical equipment support to enhance the capacity of emergency health care and medical treatment for medical clinics of mountainous communes of Hoa Vang district –Danang city 

2. Approved by: TheDa Nang City’s People Committee

3. Run by: TheDa Nang City’s People Committee

4. Operated by: The Danang Union of Friendship Organizations (DAFO)

- Address      : 522 Ông Ích Khiêm St., Danang City, Vietnam

- Phone         : 84 511 3812378;         Fax: 84 511 3835034;

- E-mail         :

DAFO’s tasks and goals: To work for peace, unity, friendship and people’s cooperation; to be a focal point in international non-governmental organization affairs for the city’s socio-economic progress and humanity relief.

5. Cooperated agency: Hoa Vang Health Center

6.Project life cycle: 12 months since approved date

7. Project locations: Four mountainous communes of Hoa Vang district including: Hoa Bac, Hoa Ninh, Hoa Lien and Hoa Phu

8. Project’s funding:1.304.400.000VND


Non –refundable aid:

Local funding: 260.000.000 (account for 20% project’s funding)

9.Targets and key results:


Support medical equipments to enhance the capacity of emergency health care and medical treatment hor medical clinics at mountainous communes of Hao Vang district to increase the quality of healthcare services for local people at mountainous communes  

Key results:

-Provide four medical clinics at Hoa Phu, Hoa Ninh , Hoa Lien and Hoa Bac with medical equipment and medical tools in accordance with the regulations of Ministry of Health to  able to provide health treatment services for people at mountainous areas

- Provide trainings on how to use the equipment for doctors and medical staff. 

- Contribute to reduce the rate of getting common diseases, enhance the capacity of severe health problems diagnosis at early stage, first aid and epidemics control.



1. Facts and figures

Hoa Vang is the only rural district of Danang, which is 25 km away from the downtown with 26,445 households, 11 administrative units. Most of the residents of this area are living on agriculture. Their standard of living, intellectual level, and labor quality is still low. Hoa Phu, Hoa Bac , Hoa Ninh and Hoa Lien are four mountainous communes of Hoa Vang district. At this point, there are 260 ethnic minority households living at Hoa Phu and Hoa Ninh communes. The local residents here; therefore, don’t care much about health protection, regular health check, reproductive health, mother and children healthcare. Especially, the facilities of these medical clinics can’t meet the health treatment demands of local people. The early diagnosis ability is very limited due to the lack of medical equipment and competent medical staff. 

These above problems can be solved if the infracstructure of  four medical clinics at mountainous communes are upgraded; medical staffs are well –trained and people healthcare services are propagated.

There are currently 32 medical staffs at four medical clinics of mountainous communes . 8 doctors, nurses and midwivies at each commune on average 

These medical clinics were all founded in 2000 and they were all equiped with sufficient medical equipment and tools as regulated by Ministry of Health. However after 15 years, the medical equipment were broken and no replacement has been made yet. Annually, some of necessary medical tools are provided in a small number such as needles, minor surgery equipment. 

2.Project’s activities

2.1 Purchase several medical equipment and tools for medical clinics

-As regulated by Health Sector, each medical clinic must have at least two among three types of essential equipment: ECG machine, portable black and white ultrasound machine, blood glucose meter. However, none of them is available at these clinics

-In order to increase the quality of medical treatment and especially the eraly diagnosis, four medical clinics should be equipped with the following equipment:





Quantity per clinic



Portable black and white ultralsound machine

1 piece

Help doctors to diagnose and find the exact disease for example intestinal disease, kidney stone and cancer


ECG machine

1 piece

Help to diagnose and find out cardiovascular disease



Phlegm suction machine for adult

1 piece

Help to treat bronchitis


Phlegm suction machine for children

1 piece

Help to treat bronchitis for children


Oxygen concentrator

1 piece

Used in emergency case



10 sets

Used for health treatment and receiving patients


Thermometer, sphygmomanometer,stethoscope

5 sets

-Used for health treatment


Minor surgery tools

5 sets

Used for first- aids to injured


Heating fan

1 piece

Used for heating patients in emergency room


-Measures taken: NGOs purchase the equipments for medical clinics. The suppliers are responsible for installing the machines and show medical staff how to handle the equipment. A training of handling ultrasound and ECG machine, reading the result will be provided for doctors and medical staff of these clinics.

2.2Purchase medical bags for medical staff at ward and village level

Medical bag is a very essential tool for medical staff at ward and village level in people health care services. In 2004, several medical staff at ward and commune level were provided with medical bags, however they are all out of order at this point. 60 medical staffs at four communes need to be equipped with medical bags  

Measures taken: NGOs purchased 60 medical bags for medical staff at villages. They will be trained to use and store the medical bags 

2.3Organize training courses for medical staff at ward and village level of 4 mountainous communes at Hoa Vang district

2.3.1Organize training courses in how to use ultrasound machine and ECG machine for doctors and medical staff at communal clinics 

- Doctors:

- According to a survey, all doctors at communal clinics have not been trained to operate ultrasound machine, ECG machine and diagnose health problems by reading ultrasound and ECG results . It’s therefore necessary to organize training courses in these skills for doctors at 4 communal clinics 

Measure taken: NGOs send them to Danang General Hospital for training and pay training fees.

Cooperated agency: Danang General Hospital- Training time: 6 months

-Medical staff

Medical staffs at communal clinics at 4 mountainous areas of Hoa Vamg district have not received regular training so the capacity of health treatment or epidemics prevention is still limited. The previous training took place in a very short time (it’s usually one day or three day training only).Meanwhile, diffrent kinds of disease especially epidemics are very complicated which need more knowledge and skills to deal with.

The target of this activity is to increase the capacity of medical staff to contribute to the health treatment quality at communal clinics

30 medical staff including nurses, midwives  may be sent to these training courses

The training will focus on: epidemics prevention skill, community health care and reproductive health care , first-aid skills,etc...The training course will be held every three months, three or five days each

Measure taken: Hoa Vang Health Centre is responsible to organize the training courses.

2.3.2 Enhance the capacity for medical staff at wards and villages.

The medical staff at ward and village level play crucial roles in people health care. The specific tasks of medical staff at ward and village are as follow: 

-Find out the epidemics to stop it from spreading

- Take part in first aid treatment to reduce legacies of accidents and epidemics

-Propagandize to raise people’s awareness of national targeted programs such as: population and family plans, environment, food safety, reproductive healthcare, community health care, children malnutrition prevention, tuberculosis prevention,etc...   

This activity is to enhance the capacityfor 60 medical staffs of 4 mountainous communes at Hoa Vang district and to provide them with medical bags.

The trainings focus on the knowledge and community healthcare skills, first-aid treatment, epidemics prevention, the skills to encourage people to change their awreness and behaviors in personal health care, reproductive healthcare for women and nutrtion for children from 0 to 5 years old.

Each training lasts for 2-3 days

Measures taken: Hoa Vang Health center is responsible to organize two training courses; every three months.


Total funding: 1.304.400.000VND


-Non-refundable funding:

-Local funding: 260.000.000VND (accounts for 20% total fundings )


Thanks to the medical equipment especially the ultrasound machines and trainings in ultrasound machine techniques, diseases diagnosis may be accurately made at communal clinics before transfering patients to hospitals to reduces risks of diseases such as cancer, kidney stones and gallstones,etc... Communal clinics are prepared to do first- aid treatment for patients even when the patients suddenly increase when epidemics occur. The supplied medical equipment is estimated to efficiently meet the needs of medical treatment at communal clinics to 2020.

Medical staff at 4 mountainous clinics and 60 medical staffs at ward and village levels of Hoa Vang district can apply what they are trained into reality to deal with diseases and epidemics which currently occurs in a more complicated maner. The skills of first-aid treatment and epidemics prevention of these medical staffs are not only increased but also the role of medical staff is reaffirmed especially in emergency.

Especially local people are able to access to effective health diagnosis service to save time and money and to make people to have their health checked at regular basis

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