Children of Viet Nam willing to continue supporting disabled children

Ngày đăng: 10/03/2017

On Tuesday, Da Nang People’s Committee Vice Chairman cum Head of the city’s Department of Publicity and Training, Mr Dang Viet Dung, warmly received a group from the US-based Children of Viet Nam (COV) organisation, led by its Executive Director Ms Nancy Florac Letteri.

Ms Letteri (left) and Vice Chairman Dung

Vice Chairman Dung highly praised COV for its active support over recent years for disadvantaged people and especially disabled children.  He remarked that the city authorities and organisations from both home and abroad have jointly deployed numerous support programmes for local disabled children, including providing them with healthcare and educational services, and enhancing their physical strength and living conditions. Thanks to this, many of them have been brought up and now have stable jobs to support themselves and their families, and many now offer a helping hand to others living in difficult circumstances. 

The host hoped that COV would continue to give support to local disabled children and help improve their lives.

In reply, Ms Letteri expressed her delight at the effective bilaterial cooperation with Da Nang over recent years, and thanked the city authorities for supporting the numerous disabled residents who benefit from COV’s meaningful projects.  She vowed that COV will continue its efforts to help these disadvantaged people in future years.

Since 1998, COV has been assisting children in Viet Nam whose futures are stifled by poverty, including educating their minds, mending their bodies, sheltering their families, and nurturing their development.  The organisation has implemented many charitable projects in Da Nang, including the granting of scholarships to local poor, studious pupils and students, helping poor single women, and providing free portions of rice soup (chao) for poor patients at local hospitals and those at the city’s Social Support Centre.

Currently, COV is carrying out local programmes to support the disabled, the needy, and poor children at a total cost of 450,514 USD for the 2016 - 2017 period.

Source: Danang Today

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