Domestic and foreign investors invited to register for land auctions for development projects in Da Nang

Ngày đăng: 20/07/2020
The Da Nang authorities has announced that the city will invite both domestic and foreign investors to register for land auctions for development projects.

Lands for auction will be used to develop the 24,452m2 Da Nang Software Park No 2 in Hai Chau District's Thuan Phuoc Ward; a 225,923m2 complex of services for the Da Nang International Fireworks Festival in Ngu Hanh Son District's My An Ward; and a 61,767m2 complex of financial, commercial, entertainment, casino and luxury apartments in Son Tra District's Phuoc My Ward.

In addition, other to-be-auctioned lands include a 7,167.5m2  land lot A2.1 in the Nai Hien Dong fishing village resettlement area in Son Tra District; a 9,525m2 land lot A2-2 in the An Hoa 4 residential area in Son Tra District; a 4,165.6m2 land lot A1.1 and a 1,608m2 land lot A9 both on Vo Van Kiet Street in Son Tra District; a 2,212.4m2 land lot A2-1 in the Tho Quang Seafood Services Industrial Park in Son Tra District's Nai Hien Dong Ward;  a 4,362.3m2 land lot HH2-1 in the An Hoa residential area in Cam Le District's Khue Trung Ward; and a 4,112m2 land lot A1-12 in the residential area on the southern side of the Cam Le Bridge in Cam Le district.

The Da Nang Land Fund Development Centre is responsible for the auction and for handing over the land use rights to the successful bidder.

Source: DA NANG Today

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