Da Nang boasts advantages and potential to become a Vietnamese special city

Ngày đăng: 04/03/2021
It is high time for Da Nang to map out strategies to develop beyond its current status as a first-tier urban area and become a special city in the near future. This statement was released by Prime Minister (PM) Nguyen Xuan Phuc whilst chairing recent morning meeting on the adjustments to the master plan for Da Nang’s major developments by 2030, with a vision to 2045 with a view of bringing up a new aesthetically-appealing and modern facelift to Da Nang in the future.

Mr Nguyen Cuu Loan, Vice Chairman cum General Secretary of Da Nang City Urban Planning and Development Association affirmed that Da Nang meets all criteria set for a special city model as his explanations below.

The master plan adjustment project has set missions for Da Nang to develop in a sustainable manner with the view of ensuring such models as ‘Environmentally-friendly Sustainable City’, ‘City with Sustainable Economy’, ‘People-centered City for Development’ and ‘City of Good Governance’.

The master plan has also highlighted the important role of Da Nang in Central Viet Nam, in Viet Nam and the world at large.

In particular, Da Nang can boost its link with other major cities in Viet Nam, and Asia as a whole through the role of the Da Nang International Airport, its seaports, tourist ports, road traffic axis and external railways.

In terms of geopolitics and geoeconomics, Da Nang converges unique features of a sustainable city with beautiful beaches and inland waterways.

Also, Da Nang, over recent years, has performed well in terms of effective long-term urban management and development, and also especially, the willingness of people, businesses and State management agencies in the city to grasp the chance to enter another urbanisation process.

Urban infrastructure is the fulcrum for Da Nang’s strong development as Da Nang government has decided to develop the Lien Chieu deep-sea mega-port to capture competitive advantages in tandem with expanding operations at the existing Tien Sa port.

Once completed, the Lien Chieu port will act as Da Nang’s major port for goods and logistics services, whilst the Tien Sa port will help add transport capacity to the Lien Chieu port, with a priority to handling only container ships with clean freight and receiving international cruise ships.

In parallel with promoting the handling capacity of the existing airport, Da Nang will build Viet Nam’s first-ever aerotropolis, and cooperate with neighbouring Phu Bai and Chu Lai airport.

With an economic development strategy included in the plan, Da Nang is expected to become a global lifestyle destination with tourism- and maritime economy-led economy. The city’s landscape structure comprises three typical urban areas, namely waterfront area, green core zone and hillside, plus an ecological region.

Da Nang is also designed to become a nucleus of Hue – Da Nang – Chu Lai Ky Ha – Dung Quat (Van Tuong) – Quy Nhon urban area chain. Also, the Da Nang urban area, encompassing Chan May (Lang Co), Da Nang, Dien Ban, Hoi An, and Nam Hoi An will take the shape.

Da Nang, in particular, will develop a multi-polar urban development model with a number of compressed areas in the inner city and traffic hubs, along with effectively exploiting infrastructure, creating green spaces and preserving natural ecological forests.

The aforementioned factors together make Da Nang’s ambition of becoming a Vietnamese special city come true as highly expected by PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc.

It is known that the PM has also instructed Da Nang to focus on developing hi-tech industry and tourism in parallel.

Given that it boasts one of the most beautiful beaches in the region, PM Phuc urged Da Nang government to pay more attention to dealing with waste water treatment and climate change issues, as well as suggested it seek new development drivers apart from the tourism sector.

Hopefully, once approved by the national government chief in the coming time, the adjustment of the master plan will prompt Da Nang to be the driver of Central Viet Nam’s growth, and develop itself into a Vietnamese special city.

Source: DA NANG Today

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